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eBay the Worlds Online Market place.


eBay Facts – 2011

8 key facts about eBay the Worlds Online Market place.


eBay UK Facts and Figures

Launched in the UK in October 1999, eBay.co.uk is the UK's largest online marketplace

eBay.co.uk has over 14 million active users

eBay.co.uk has achieved the 10 million live listings landmark, meaning there are more than 10 million items for sale on the site at any one time

40.62% of active internet users visit eBay.co.uk at least once a month (Nielsen / Netratings, February 2008)

eBay.co.uk has over 13,000 categories

eBay.co.uk's unique audience reached 13.2 million in February 2008 (Nielsen / Netratings, February 2008)

eBay visitors average 1 hour 46 minutes on the site and view 225 pages per month (Nielsen / Netratings, February 2008)

eBay has emerged as the most popular online retailer over the Christmas period, according to figures from Nielsen Online. The site was visited by an average of 15 million Britons in both November and December 2007.

eBay estimates that 178,000 users run a business or use eBay as their primary or secondary source of income (eBay.co.uk data, January 2008)

The UK continues to grow at very strong rates, and in the process, reached an important milestone: achieving its first ever $100 million revenue quarter in Q2 05