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ebay alerts - You get an Email

Managing your StuffAlert ebay alerts 

StuffAlert keeps all your alerts listed in one easily accessible place -  My Alerts. There you can view or edit your searches refining them in light of information contained in the ebay alerts you receive from us.

When StuffAlert finds an item or items that match your search criteria you will be sent an email alert. You decide the frequency of your ebay alert emails when you set up the alert. Choose either a single daily alert or our standard service that sends you an alert every 4 hours.

You can choose not to receive email alerts and rely on the information in 'My Found Stuff' to see what StuffAlert has found for you.

You control your alerts and can choose to switch them on and off. If you have choosen to pause a search your ebay alerts will stop and no items will be added to 'My Found Stuff' until such time as you resume that search.

StuffAlert is simple and easy to use providing you with an email alert, addressed to you (safe & secure) so you know who it is from. The email contains a thumbnail picture and associated information just as it would be listed in ebay.

If you have questions about our service please check out our FAQ page. If the answer is not there please feel free to Contact Us.

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