About Us

Who are We

SonicZero Limited is a private company set up by 3 friends - 2 based in the UK and one in the US – who had an idea. The concept? To develop an eBay tool that would make searching and finding hard to find things easier.  

What we Do

In 2007  we launched StuffAlert - a simple automatic search and alert tool designed to track down hard to find items by searching eBay 24/7 and sending email alerts when a new listing appeared. Simple!

Since launch thousands of you have joined StuffAlert from around the world and set up tens of thousands of eBay alerts.

StuffAlert has helped you successfully track down and buy many different items. From the more unusual like Geiger counters to the more ordinary including bikes, cameras and car parts.

 The essence of StuffAlert was that you could only create an alert when NO matching items were found.

But many of you told us you wanted more. To have a record of what StuffAlert found and to save alerts even where items had been found. We got it – maybe what StuffAlert found was NOT EXACTLY what you wanted. Perhaps you want to EXPLORE your buying options a bit more.

How we make a Difference

StuffAlert has been designed to be very easy to use and offers a simple eBay search and alert service that helps  you find out about the items you are looking for through email alerts with links that take you direct to eBay. StuffAlert v2.0 has been developed to deliver the upgrades you requested in a way that's in keeping with our company values.

Our Company Values…..

Meeting you expectations

We know that your use of StuffAlert requires us to be responsive and to develop our service to better meet your needs. We hope you’ll agree that StuffAlert v2.0 delivers. The addition of other eBay markets and text alerting remain potential developments on our agenda. Feel free to Contact Us  if there’s an improvement you’d like to suggest.

We welcome your comments

We encourage you to give us feedback – positive and negative – to keep us on the right track. There are Contact Us links throughout the site. Don’t be shy – lets us know what you think.

User Experience

We never forget you have a choice. Whether your an newbie or seasoned eBayer user our aim is to enhance your eBay buying experience.


eBay is a massive global marketplace. We want to foster a sense of community amongst StuffAlert eBay buyers by providing and encouraging you to share tips and information that will make you a more savvy and successful eBay buyer. Check out Stuff on the new site and feel free to contribute your thoughts and advice on how to get value out of buying on eBay


We believe that happiness is essential to success. We want you to enjoy using StuffAlert and to celebrate your eBay successes. StuffAlert v2.0 lets you do that in StuffAlert Finds. Send us your stories and share your success. And remember never take life too seriously.

Just ask Fergus the Fish...


Happy Searching!
The StuffAlert Team